Retro Warhol


Andy Warhol
USA 1963
48 min

\"A kiss is just a kiss\". But no! Every kiss is different. Andy Warhol's Kiss is showing several kisses, in close-ups, hetero kisses, homo kisses, tender kisses, wild kisses. The kiss, not only the messenger of a happy end this time, but as the subject of a whole film. A sensual and --concerning the footage--\"material\" film to watch and enjoy.

  • Naomi Levine und Ed Sanders; Naomi Levine und Rufus Collins; Naomi Levine und Gerard Malanga
  • Baby Jane Holzer und John Palmer; Baby Jane Holzer und Gerard Malanga
  • Escobar Marisol und Robert Indiana
  • Gerard Malanga und Mark Lancaster
  • John Palmer und Andrew Meyer
  • Freddy Herko und Johnny Dodd
  • Charlotte Gilbertson
  • Phillip van Renselet
  • Pierre Restaney
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