Werkstattkino Muenchen


Honda Inoshiro
USA, J 1967
91 min

The submarine «Explorer», commanded by Carl Nelson, comes upon Mondo Island where they find King Kong alive. Kong takes a liking to the ships nurse Susan Watson. But as soon as news of his existence hits the world, the giant ape is abducted by Dr. Who, a scientist in the employ of a foreign country, who is attempting to perfect his own robot version of Kong in order to dig for Element X and create weapons. Especially amusing is the heroines relationship with the ape rather than in King Kong a fragile romance that verges on a fairytale, this is more like a girl with a 40-foot puppy dog. «Go after the ship», she orders him at one point. (Richard Scheib)

  • Rhodes Reason - Commander Carl Nelson
  • Hama Mie - Madame Piranha
  • Linda Miller - Lt. Susan Watson
  • Takarada Akira - Lt. Commander Nomura Jiro
  • Amamoto Eisei - Dr. Who
  • Mabuchi Kaoru (= Kimura Takeshi)
  • Koizumi Hajime
  • Yoshizawa Shoichi
  • Fujii Ryohei
  • Ifukube Akira
  • Kita Takeo
  • Tsuburaya Eiji
Toho International Co., Ltd. Hibiya Park Bldg., 8-1 Yurakucho 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 100 T 3 32 13 68 21
Pranke Filmverleih Horster Straße 6 45897 Gelsenkirchen, Deutschland T 209 309 61 info@pranke-filmverleih.de
35 mm
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