Lu Chuan
VR, China, Tibet 2004
95 min

Kekexili, the largest animal reserve in China, is home to many rare species, including the Tibetan antelope, or chiru. Prized for its hair, which is used for making the luxurious but illegal shatoosh scarves, the antelopes numbers have been dwindling drastically in the past twenty years as poachers slaughter the animals, often hundreds at a time. In 1993 local Tibetans formed a volunteer patrol to try to stop the illegal poaching sometimes at the cost of their own lives. Mountain Patrol chronicles the life-and-death struggle between these volunteers and the poachers, and takes place in the 5.000-meter high Kekexili on the Qingzang-Tibetan Plateau.

  • Duo Bujie - Ri Tai
  • Zhang Lei - Ga Yu
  • Qi Liang - Liu Dong
  • Zhao Xueying - Leng Xue
  • Lu Chuan
  • Cao Yu
  • Song Qin
  • Teng Yun
  • Lao Zai
  • Lu Dong
  • Han Chunlin
Huayi Bros. Taihe Film Investment Co.

Sony Pictures Releasing International 10202 West Washington Blvd, Sony Pictures Plaza Culver City, CA 90232, USA T 310 244 2073 F 310 244 1011

Trigon Film Klosterstraße 425430 Wettingen, Schweiz T 56 430 12 33,
35 mm
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