Retrospective 2014

Just Pals

John Ford
USA 1920
61 min

Instead of a manly Western, the focus here is on a simple character study, even if it does end with a flurry of action. Bim is the town ne'er-do'well, but he proves to be of some worth when he befriends scruffy 13-year-old youngster Bill, who has been thrown off a freight train. Teacher Mary Bruce takes note of the affection Bim shows towards the boy and insists that Bill should be sent to school. Bim is also an admirer of Mary's, but she already has a sweetheart, the shifty Harvey Cahill. Harvey, the cashier at the express office, has come up short at work, so he asks Mary to loan him the school memorial fund. She does, but the school committee asks for the money before Mary can replace it.

Introduction: Oliver Hanley
Live piano: Gerhard Gruber

  • Buck Jones
  • Georgie Stone
  • William Buckley
  • Eunice Murdock Moore
  • Bert Appling
  • Edwin Tilton
  • Slim Padgett
  • Duke R. Lee
  • Paul Schofield
  • John McDermott
  • George Schneiderman
Fox Film Corporation
35 mm
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