Journal d'un disparu (OmeU)

Diary From Beyond
Emmanuel Ostrovski, Joseph Rottner
FRA 2017
69 min

Without knowing why he has come back here, to this place in a foreign country, Ulysse, still a young man, withdraws to a solitary house on the mountainside. One morning, he goes up to the spring that supplies water to his house. On the way, he discovers a clearing entirely overgrown with bramble bushes, and he thinks he might have had a garden there at one time. But why has this place been abandoned by humankind? Circling around the clearing without being able to penetrate the tangle of briars, he decides to enlist the help of an Italian from the area. Together they attack the unruly, impenetrable hedge. But soon, his Italian friend gets discouraged. Alone, Ulysse finally manages to make his way into the middle of the garden. That same evening, Ulysse hears a voice, that of a young woman. She’s warning him ... JOURNAL D’UN DISPARU is an essay film, referring to the work of Straub/Huillet.

  • Joseph Rottner - Ulysse
  • Gianni Buscarino - Gianni
  • Valentino Benvenuti - Child
  • Dario Marconcini - Poet
  • Joseph Rottner
  • Vadim Alsayed
  • Mathieu Kauffmann
  • Samuel Aïchoun
  • Geoffrey Perrier
  • Raphaël Mouterde
  • Joseph Rottner
  • Emmanuel Ostrovski
  • Justine Hiriart
  • Mathieu Bonilla
Casa del Lupo Production, Thalès-Angénieux

Emmanuel Ostrovski, Joseph Rottner

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