Jeune femme

Montparnasse Bienvenue
Léonor Sérraille
FRA 2017
97 min

Broke, with nothing but her cat and doors closing in her face, Paula is back in Paris after a split with her boyfriend. As she meets different people along the way, she’s determined to make a new start – in her very own style.
“Sérraille’s shaggy-dog character study, scene after scene shows nonconformist Paula throw herself towards anything that could represent a future. With a mane of Pre-Raphaelite hair bouncing behind her, and an impossibly furry white cat clasped to her chest, Dosch’s 31-year-old Paula ping-pongs across Paris in the wake of a breakup. Paula’s persona is not calculated in the slightest. Whether replying to job interview questions with a sense of humor, or answering the door of her motel room naked, she acts according to impulse, and is too busy looking forward to reflect on whether those impulses are serving her well. ‘I’m not as bright as you,’ she screams early on. This isn’t self-deprecation, but self-awareness, gained in the heart of a moment.” (Sophie Monks Kaufman)

  • Laetitia Dosch - Paula
  • Grégoire Monsaingeon - Joachim
  • Souleymane Seye Ndiaye - Ousmane
  • Léonie Simaga - Yuki
  • Nathalie Richard - Paula's mother
  • Érika Sainte - Lila's mother
  • Lila-Rose Gilberti - Lila
  • Léonor Sérraille
  • Émilie Noblet
  • Anne Dupouy
  • Clémence Carré
  • Julie Roué
  • Valérie Valéro
  • Hyat Luszpinski
Blue Monday Productions

Be for Films

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