Special: Surviving Images


Sidney M. Goldin
AUT 1924
114 min

Every year a small Eastern European Jewish community gathers to commemorate young Leibke, who had to pay a bitter price for his steadfastness and loyalty. When the count’s daughter makes advances to the peasant’s handsome son, he rejects her and remains true to his betrothed. Enraged, the young countess claims that he harassed her, whereupon the count has him arrested. Freed by friends, he flees with his fiancée and marries her. When Leibke learns that the count has had other Jews taken hostage, he returns voluntarily and is humiliated and tortured, but once again he spurns the countess. Deeply offended, she commits suicide … (Armin Loacker)

Live music: Motherdrum (Alexander Yannilos)

  • Oskar Beregi
  • Dagny Servaes
  • Maurice Schwartz
  • Carl Goetz
  • Fritz Strassny
  • Henry Sekler
  • based on his eponymous play
Jüdische Filmkunst, Wien
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