Special: Robert Land

Jana, das Mädchen aus dem Böhmerwald

Robert Land
ČSSR, AUT 1936
80 min

A relationship evolves between the maid Jana and the brothers Peter and Michael, who inherited the parental estate. The constellation is characterized by disappointment and jealousy. When Michael leaves the farm to join the army Peter and Jana finally find each other. The images of the rural idyll at the end of the film symbolize the growing conflict between the protagonists.

  • Leni Marenbach
  • Ewald Balser
  • Fred Liewehr
  • Wilhelm Tauchen
  • Fritz Klippel
  • Rudolf Carl
  • Emil Synek
  • Jaroslav Blazek
  • Artur Guttmann
  • Karel Hasler
  • Milos Smatek
  • Vilém Rittershain
  • Arnold Reimann
Meissner Film, Prag
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