Retro Varda/Demy


Agnès Varda
FRA 1990
118 min

Jacquot Demy is a little boy at the end of the thirties. His father owns a garage and his mother is a hairdresser. The whole family lives happily and likes to sing and to go to the movies. Jacquot is fascinated by every kind of show (theatre, cinema, puppets). He buys a camera to shoot his first amateur film...
Interviews with the director Jacques Demy, a recreation of his childhood in Nantes, and wonderful clips from his films make up this loving and intelligent tribute by Varda to her deceased husband. This film, which hovers between fiction and nonfiction, is one of the great screen biographies and a compelling example of the creative documentary. Varda's personal relationship to both the man and the work emerges powerfully, and Demy's artistry is newly edified by the filmmaker who understood it best.

  • Philippe Maron
  • Edouard Joubeaud
  • Laurent Monnier
  • Brigitte de Villepoix
  • Daniel Dublet
  • Clément Delaroche
  • Rody Averty
  • Hélène Pors
  • Marie-Sidonie Benoist
  • Jérémie Bernard
  • Cédric Michaux
  • Julien Mitard
  • Jérémie Bader
  • Guillaume Navaud
  • Fanny Lebreton
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