Retro Varda/Demy


Jacques Demy
FRA 1957
29 min

An adaptation of a Jean Cocteau play let, <![CDATA[<i>]]>Le Bel indifférent<![CDATA[</i>]]> is Demy’s first short fiction film.
A woman is waiting in a small hotel room. She listens to every noise coming from the staircase, calls a bar, inquiring after her lover Emile, takes a call from his sister and tells her, Emile would be in the bathroom and was not to be disturbed.
Emile comes back and makes himself comfortable on the bed to read his paper. She tells him that she is fed up with him and prepares to make clear her jealousy and rage. She accuses him of cheating and threatens to cheat on him and leave him.
The phone rings. It is one of Emile's playmates, but Emile refuses to take the call. As acknowledgement of her gratitude she would like to kiss him: But he has fallen asleep.
He raises himself and gets dressed again. She tries to hold him back, he threatens to suicide. He leaves without a word, whereas she knuckles down completely and promises to wait for him. (Jean Pierre Berthomé, « Jacques Demy et les racines du rêve », L’Atalante 1982)

  • Jeanne Allard
  • Angelo Bellini
La Société Nouvelle Pathé-Cinéma
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