Retro Varda/Demy


Agnès Varda
FRA 1965
110 min

Michel Piccoli plays a novelist who gets in a severe car accident. He is injured and his wife (Catherine Deneuve) is rendered mute. They move to a small village on an island in order to recuperate, and for the husband to write his novel, in which he uses characters based on the townsfolk on the island. He meets a young man (Jacques Charrier) who is building a machine. They play chess and engage in a violent fight. The wife gives birth and regains her speech, and it is apparent that the young man only existed in the husband's imagination. The conclusion involves a further distortion of fantasy and reality as the writer finishes his novel…

  • Michel Piccoli
  • Catherine Deneuve - Marguerite
  • Eva Dahlbeck
  • Marie-France Mignal
  • Britta Pettersson
Mag Bodard
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