Jack And Diane

Bradley Rust Gray
USA 2011
110 min

Jack and Diane fall head over heels in love one hot summer in New York City. When Diane reveals she must leave the city for school in Europe at the end of the summer, Jack pushes her away. As Diane struggles to maintain their budding romance, she must also try to conceal from Jack the increasingly dark and violent visions that have begun to plague her. 

Weaving horror elements into a distinctive and fresh yet timeless and universal first-love story, Bradley Rust Gray applies his inimitable vision to this idiosyncratic story of the joys and terrors of first love. Riley Keough and Juno Temple bring a sweetness to their roles, which is offset by punctuations of macabre imagery to infuse their traditional summer love narrative with an ominous energy that is all the more evocative of their passionate love. It's natural and beautiful, but also monstrous and frightening and ultimately, like the film itself, wholly and wonderfully unique. (Cara Cusumano) 


  • Juno Temple - Diane
  • Riley Keough - Jack
  • Cara Seymour - Linda
  • Kylie Minogue - Tara
  • Bradley Rust Gray
  • Anne Misawa
  • Kent Sparling
  • Bradley Rust Gray
  • So Yong Kim
  • Múm
  • Rachel Fox
  • Chris Trujillo
  • Audrey Louise Reynolds
Deerjen Films, RCR Media Group

Magnolia Pictures

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