'A iucata

The Bet
Michele Pennetta
CH 2013
38 min

Catania, Sicily. In the heart of the working class neighbourhood lies a vast and lawless territory where makeshift stables can be found. One of them is owned by Concetto - aka “il farmacista” - a man respected and even feared by many, who built a reputation for himself in the small world of clandestine horse racing. Every day, before sunrise, his son Vittorio goes to the stables to get their horse, Vito Portanova, ready for training. In a few days, a clandestine race will take place on an empty street at the foot of the Etna.

  • Michele Pennetta
  • Christian Tarabini
  • Gabriel Lobos
  • Christian Tarabini
  • Guiseppe di Blasi
  • Orsola Valenti
Close Up Films, RSI (Radiotelevione svizzera), Haute École d’Art et de Design de Genève

Close Up Films

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