Christophe Otzenberger
FRA 2005

Thierry Chartier's life has always been at a crossroads. An involuntary accomplice in a murder committed by his friend Rouillé, he spends five years in prison only to become unwittingly involved in another crime upon his release. Thierry is forced to escape the past and present, knowing that the path to the future is not an easy one. A harsh film in which the only possible redemption comes from Thierry's brief encounters with a woman and a few friendly souls. «This story is the result of various elements. While writing the screenplay, I had in mind several characters from my earlier documentaries and even moments from my adolescence in the country. But the film is absolutely fictional. Thierry, the main character, is floundering in an overly big world that is too mean for him. His past follows him, which he carries like a tattoo that leaves an indelible mark even after he puts it behind him. But he fights against it, he resists. It is that awakening that I am interested in.» (Christophe Otzenberger)

  • Jacques Bonnaffé - Pierre
  • Patrick Descamps - Jacquillat
  • Yann Tregoüet
  • Céline Cuignet
  • Roger Bohbot
  • Christophe Otzenberger
  • Vincent Hirsh
  • Dana Farzanehpour
  • Nicolas Guicheteau
  • Bernard Sasia
  • Franck II Louise
  • Guy Hakim
Ex Nihilo 52 rue Jean Pierre Timbaud 75011 Paris, Frankreich T 1 53 36 32 32

Films Distribution 20 rue Saint Augustin 75002 Paris, Frankreich T 1 53 10 33 99

35 mm
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