Itinéraire de Jean Bricard

Danièle Huillet, Jean-Marie Straub
FRA 2008
40 min

The wonderful aspect about Straub's work has always been the unpredictable and unexpected, forever remaining true to itself. Itinéraire de Jean Bricard is a document, a land surveying, an experimental film, a history lesson and a ghost story ... Cinema, as someone once said, is the last form of oral history and this film takes this literally. On an island in the Loire there was once life, people, who worked, put up resistance, grew wine, and lived of the river. The film is a tender testimony that there is still something to see, to experience, of how space turns into time.

This film is part of the program The Art of Vision and is also screened together with Le Genou d'Artemide.

  • Jean Bricard
  • Jean-Marie Straub
  • Danièle Huillet
  • Irina Lubtchansky
  • William Lubtchansky
  • Zaki Allal
  • Dimitri Haulet
  • Jean-Pierre Duret
  • Jean-Pierre Laforce
  • Nicole Lubtchansky
Pierre Grise Production

Pierre Grise Distribution, 21 avenue du Maine, 75015 Paris, Frankreich,

Belva Film
Stadtkino Filmverleih, Spittelberggasse 3/3, 1070 Wien, T 1 522 48 14,
35 mm
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