Impossible, The - Pieces of Fury
Sylvain George
FRA 2009
120 min

A trip from Calais to Paris is divided into five episodes about political unrest, based on works by Rimbaud, Lautréamont, Dostoevsky, Benjamin and Blanqui. Images of migrants leaving from the coast of France to England, of students and temporary workers during Paris protests in March and May 2009 and footage of pride parades of the 60’s from the movies of Lionel Soukaz.
In September 2009 I organized a special projection of Je me suis armé contre la justice (Burn! Burn! Burn!), the third part of Impossible – Pages arrachées, to support students who were arrested during the March 19 protest march. The head of hospitality told me that during the afternoon a couple of police detectives had come by to ask a few questions about the “social protest movement” which was going to take place that evening. This is a perfect illustration of the fascist atmosphere in France. (Sylvain George)

In the presence of Sylvain George.

  • Sylvain George
  • Sylvain George
  • Sylvain George
  • Sylvain George
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  • The Clash
  • Suicide
Noir Production

Noir Production

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