I Had Nowhere to Go

Douglas Gordon
DEU 2016
97 min

The great Jonas Mekas is the subversive and compassionate protagonist of I HAD NOWHERE TO GO, a sort of dreamlike but extremely current journey into the mind of a man who has lived a thousand different lives and has survived each and every one of them. Mekas is not only the “godfather of American avant-garde cinema”, he is first and foremost a man who had to flee his homeland, Lithuania, because of the war. He’s a man who has spent his whole life in a state of permanent exile, a permanent “foreigner”, trying to belong whilst being proud to be different. Film is the only area he’s ever really felt at home in. (Muriel del Don)

  • Frank Kruse
  • Ninon Liotet
  • Jonas Mekas
olddognewtricks, monneypenny filmproduktion


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