O cinema, Manoel de Oliveira e eu

The Cinema, Manoel Oliveira and Me
João Botelho
P 2016
81 min

Oliveira never made films. He made cinema. He brought to it humanity, which Ruttman lacked, as well as the poetic realism of ANIKI BOBO four years before the neorealism of Visconti, De Sica and Rossellini! The sheer cruelty of A CAÇA, the subject matter and tone of voice of O ACTO DA PRIMAVERA, his literal word-for-word adaptation of AMOR DE PERDIÇÃO, the shot/reverse shot in FRANCISCA, aren’t all these things part of a cinema never seen before? This documentary unfolds in a personal voyage to the heart of Oliveira’s films, the immense amount I learnt from him and that he invented to us all. (João Botelho)

In the presence of João Botelho and Leonor Silveira (actress). 

  • João Botelho
  • João Ribeiro
  • Paulo Abelho
  • João Braz
  • Nicholas Mcnair
  • Mariana Dias
  • António Durães
  • Ângela Marques
  • Maria João Pinho
  • Leonor Silveira
  • Marcello Urgeghe
  • Miguel Nunes
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