Hypothesis of the Stolen Painting, The
Raúl Ruiz
FRA 1979
66 min

L’Hypothèse du tableau volé is structured as an unfolding puzzle, a bafflingly complex mystery where the detectives use the techniques of art history. The film is narrated by an art collector and an unnamed interviewer who dissect a series of six 19th century paintings. The collector argues that certain imperfections in the artwork – errors in perspective, anachronistic objects, misplaced shadows – are not in fact imperfections, but clues left by the artist. He feels these are keys to a larger secret, one related to a grand historical conspiracy. However, this theory presupposes the existence of a seventh painting, the crucial, missing link in the chain. The collector believes this painting has been stolen, but the interviewer claims it never existed. (Judd Blaise)

  • Jean Narboni
  • Jean Rougeul
  • Christian Broutin
  • Alix Comte
  • Anne Debois
  • Chantal Palay
  • Jean-Damien Thiollier
  • Stéphane Shandor
  • Isidor Romero
  • Bernard Daillancourt
  • Alfred Bailloux
  • Claude Hernin-Hilbaut
  • Nadage Finkelstein
  • Raúl Ruiz nach einer Idee von Pierre Klossowski
  • Sacha Vierny
  • Xavier Vauthrin
  • Patrice Royer
  • Jorge Arriagada
  • Bruno Beaugé
  • Rosine Vennin
Institut National d’Audiovisuel (INA)
Institut National d’Audiovisuel (INA)
35 mm
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