Miranda July
DEU, USA 2011
91 min

Sophie and Jason are a thirty-something couple who have hit a bit of a brick wall in their lives. They live by themselves in a one-bedroom apartment and spend a vast amount of time online. They make a decision to adopt a terminally ill cat named Paw Paw. Like a newborn baby, he’ll need around-the-clock care. Despite their good intentions, Sophie and Jason are terrified by the responsibility and the looming loss of freedom, so with just one month left, before they are due to collect the cat, they decide to quit their jobs to pursue their dreams.
Using elements of magical realism – a talking cat who narrates his own sad tale, a living tee-shirt – The Future bravely creates its own particular universe. With pathos and humour, it invites us to share the bitter sweetness of this moment in the lives of this young couple.

  • Hamish Linklater - Jason
  • Miranda July - Sophie
  • David Warshofsky - Marshall
  • Isabella Acres - Gabriella
  • Joe Putterlik - Joe
  • Miranda July
  • Nikolai von Graevenitz
  • Patrick Veigel
  • Andrew Bird
  • Jon Brion
  • Elliott Hostetter
  • Christie Wittenborn
Razor Film Produktion GNK Productions

The Match Factory

Alamode Filmdistribution
35 mm
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