A History of Violence

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A History of Violence

David Cronenberg
USA/Kanada/D, 2005
96min, OF

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A History of Violence

David Cronenberg
USA/Kanada/D, 2005
, 96min, OF

Viggo Mortensen
Tom Stall/Joey Cusack
Maria Bello
Edie Stall
Ed Harris
Carl Fogarty
William Hurt
Richie Cusack
Sshton Holmes
Jack Stall
Josh Olson nach der Graphic Novel von John Wagner und Vince Locke
Glen Gauthier
Peter Suschitzky
Ronald Sanders
Howard Shore
Carol Spier
Denise Cronenberg

New Line Production
Media I! Filmproduktion
35 mm

A masterpiece of indirection and pure visceral thrills, David Cronenberg’s latest mindblower, A HIStORY OF VIOLeNCe, is the feelgood, feel-bad movie of the year. The story of a seemingly average American family almost undone by cataclysmic violence, the film takes place in a surreal and mercilessly brutal land, Anytown, U.S.A., that has been repeatedly soaked in blood only to be repeatedly washed clean. The great kick of the movie – or rather, its great kick in the gut – comes from Cronenberg’s refusal to let us indulge in movie violence without paying a price. The man wants to make us suffer, exquisitely. The film, which hinges on an upstanding citizen and reluctant mystery man, Tom Stall (brilliantly played by Viggo Mortensen), takes it as an article of faith that we, the multiplex allegiant, have been long-reared on the ways and means, giddyups and brutalizing downs of the action movie. (Manohla Dargis, «New York Times», 2005)