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Hacked Circuit

Deborah Stratman
USA 2013
15 min

O’ER THE LAND is a meditation on the milieu of elevated threat addressing national identity, gun culture, wilderness, consumption, patriotism and the possibility of personal transcendence. Of particular interest are the ways Americans have come to understand freedom and the increasingly technological reiterations of manifest destiny.
The temporality of film takes on the temporality of a printed work in MUSICAL INSECTS. In homage to a Bette J. Davis’ illustrated book of the same title, itself an homage to the small music makers of the insect world.
HACKED CIRCUIT is a single-shot portrait of the Foley process, revealing multiple layers of fabrication and imposition. The circular camera path moves us inside and back out of a Foley stage in Burbank, CA. While portraying sound artists at work, typically invisible support mechanisms of filmmaking are exposed, as are, by extension and quotation, governmental violations of individual privacy. The scene being foleyed is the final sequence from THE CONVERSATION where Gene Hackman’s character Harry Caul tears apart his room searching for a ‘bug’ that he suspects has been covertly planted.

  • Gregg Barbanell
  • Darrin Mann
  • Deborah Stratman
  • Norbert Shieh
  • Deborah Stratman
  • Deborah Stratman
  • David Shire
  • Deborah Stratman
  • Nathaniel Elegino
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Pythagoras Film

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