Abolfazl Jalili
Iran 2005
98 min

Full or Empty is characterised by Jalili's typical love for an ambitious kid who does not put up with the bureaucracy, disinterest and hypocrisy of the established order. The setting and the characters are true to life and convincing. The result, a social comedy with almost chaplinesque elements, is in the very best tradition of Neorealism. 17-year-old Navid leaves his village to look for a job teaching Persian literature. He turns up at The Education Centre and is put on a waiting list. In a slum district, he moves in with a widow and does all kinds of odd jobs. One night, he dreams of a girl he will meet a few days later. He decides to marry her, as soon as he has a job as a teacher. But this is far from easy. The beautiful girl turns out to be a divorced woman, mother of three children and engaged to an older man who keeps her. Then Navid's energy and well-developed sense of justice gets him into even more trouble. (Gerwin Tamsma)

  • Navid Reisi - Navid
  • Abolfazl Jalili
  • Abolfazl Jalili
  • Mehdi Asadi
  • Abolfazl Jalili
  • Abolfazl Jalili
  • Abolfazl Jalili
Firest Film Milad Vanak Sq. Vali e Asr Street 7th Nilou no. 6 Teheran 14356, Iran T 21 887 817 53

Abolfazl Jalili 38 blvd. de l'Hopital 75005 Paris, Frankreich T 1 433 74 806

35 mm
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