Robert Altman
USA 2006

A Prairie Home Companion is a fictionalized account of Garrison Keillor's legendary award-winning radio show. Robert Altman follows the show's cast of characters preparing for the final live broadcast on the eve of being shut down after 30 years. As passions erupt, secrets emerge and a mysterious stranger lurks in the shadows, the vigilant stage manger must hold it all together since the «show must go on». A Prairie Home Companion is a small and intimate, character-driven piece - the final night of Keillor's radio program unfolds as if we were right there seeing it live. Robert Altman definitely hasn't lost his touch, and turning this story into an engaging and charming film is quite an achievement. (Blake Ethridge)

  • Drew Kunin
  • Meryl Streep - Linda
  • Woody Harrelson - Charlie
  • John C. Reilly - John
  • Tommy Lee Jones - George Briggs
  • Garrison Keillor
  • Kevin Kline
  • Lindsay Lohan
  • Virginia Madsen
  • Maya Rudolph
  • Lily Tomlin
  • Edward Lachman
  • Dina Goldman
  • Tora Peterson
  • Garrison Keillor
  • Ken LaZebnik
  • Catherine Mar
  • Jacob Craycroft
Noir Productions 545 West 45th St. New York, NY 10036, USA T 212 489 87 78

Capitol Films 23 Queensdale Place London W11 4SQ, Großbritannien T 207 471 60 00

Polyfilm Verleih Margaretenstraße 78, 1050 Wien T 1 581 39 00 20,
35 mm
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