Pascale Ferran
FRA 1995
100 min

The film centres around ten young people (whose first names begin with letters of the alphabet - from A to J). They live in Strasbourg in the Nineties and are at an age when «anything is possible». They are friends, acquaintances and lovers. Some of them are students, some work, others would like to but can't find a job. All of them are at the cross-road of life, struggling to decide what they want their lives to be. This struggle forms the very heart of their present-day lives.
This captivating young ensemble of underemployed Strasbourg singles falls in and out of love with breathtaking style and speed, in a rondelay that would thrill Renoir. Indeed, the film begins with a Renoiresque tone of light flirtation, gradually growing more serious as the flurry of emotionally dangerous liaisons accelerates. With rare compassion and insight, Ferran reveals the fragile self-confidence that lies behind the smiling face. (Michael Fox)

  • Anne Cantineau - Agnes
  • Christèle Tual - Béatrice
  • Anne Callière - Catherine
  • Isabelle Olive - Denise
  • Sandrine Attard - Emmanuelle
  • Antoine Mathieu - Frédéric
  • Nicolas Pirson - Gérard
  • Arnaud Simon - Henri
  • David Gouhier - Yvan
  • Jérémie Oler - Jacques
  • Pascale Ferran
  • Anne-Louise Trivdic
  • Jean-Marc Fabre
  • Jean-Jacques Ferran
  • Guy Lecorne
  • Béatrice Thiriet
  • Virginie Duployes
  • Annette Kurz
  • Giulio Lichtner
  • Sigolène de Chassy
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35 mm
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