Dario Argento
I 1977
98 min

This tale of witchcraft at a German dance academy is one of the most beautiful, dream-like horror films ever conceived, and quite simply the crowning achievement of a stylistic master, Italian director Dario Argento. Based on essays in Thomas DeQuincey's «Suspiria de Profundiis», Argento's film deals with one of «The Three Mothers» - ancient and powerful witches who live in various dwelling-places around the world in order to spread evil. The musical score by synth-rock group Goblin may be the loudest ever devised, and Argento's baroque visuals overwhelm the viewer in nearly every frame. (Robert Firsching)

New copy from the collection of the Austrian Film Museum

(In the night from October 20 to 21.)

  • Jessica Harper - Susy Banyon
  • Stefania Casini - Sandra
  • Alida Valli - Fräulein Tanner
  • Joan Bennett - Madame Blank
  • Udo Kier - Frank Mender
  • Dario Argento
  • Daria Nicolodi
  • Luciano Tovoli
  • Mario Dallimonti
  • Franco Fraticelli
  • Goblin
  • Giuseppe Bassan
  • Pierangelo Cicoletti
Seda Spettacoli

Videa - CDE Spa Via Livigno, 50 00188 Rom, Italien T 06 33 18 53 40

35 mm
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