Julio Hernández Cordón
Guatemala 2008
71 min

Selected examples of a New Cinema

Three teenagers, Gerardo, Raymundo and Nano, spend their spare time stealing gasoline to go joyriding. Gasolina tells their story which is about travelling in one of their mother's car without a fixed destination, just to entertain themselves. Each stop is a crash with reality that puts their friendship to the test, showing that teenage friendships have a thin line that separate betrayal, deception and a kamikaze-like solidarity. Gasolina is an intimate story that shows that youth, country and future can be defined by extremes.
During the filming of >i>Gasolina, the film script was thrown away. I worked with nonprofessional actors, three of whom were my neighbours. Gasolina is a film that reflects my adolescence and that of recent generations. Even though the peace treaties were signed twelve years ago, the circumstances are still the same. Thirty Guatemalan artists have donated their work in order to raise funds for this production. Finally, in 2007, Gasolina was awarded three prizes in the San Sebastian Festival, which made postproduction possible. Gasolina is a film from a country with neither a cinema law nor a film institute. (Julio Hernández Cordón)

  • Carlos Dardon - Gerardo
  • Francisco Jacome - Nano
  • Gabriel Armas - Raymundo
  • Julio Hernández Cordón
  • Maria Secco
  • David Mantecon
  • Federico Schmucler
  • Aina Calleja
  • Francis Davila
Melindrosa Film Buena Onda Américas, Mediapro

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35 mm
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