El futuro perfecto

The Future Perfect
Nele Wohlatz
Argentinien 2016
65 min

It takes skill to successfully handle heavy issues with a light touch, but that’s what writer-director Nele Wohlatz pulls off with her delightfully original documentary/fiction hybrid, EL FUTURO PERFECTO. In this wryly amusing, intriguingly stylized tale of a Chinese teenager in Buenos Aires, appealing newcomer Xiaobin Zhang is as a lightly fictionalized version of Wohlatz herself: an 18-year-old whose confidence in her new country steadily grows as she attends Spanish-language classes with other Chinese immigrants. They rely on role-playing exercises which allow the students to perform simulations of everyday scenarios. They sometimes adopt the cipher-like personas of rudimentary characters, as when Xiaobin “becomes” Spanish nurse Beatriz. Soon she is holding courtship with Vijay, an Indian immigrant. (Neil Young)

In the presence of Nele Wohlatz.


  • Nahuel Pérez Biscayart - Sean
  • Zhang Xiaobin
  • Saroj Kumar Malik
  • Jiang Mian
  • Wang Dong Xi
  • Nele Wohlatz
  • Roman Kasseroller
  • Agustina San Martín
  • Nahuel Palenque
  • Ana Godoy
  • Federico Orio
Murillo Cine

Murillo Cine

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