Retrospektive 2013

Funny Bones

Peter Chelsom
USA 1995
127 min

What is funny? So the deeper question that this story around smuggling, theft of ideas and old debt tries to clarify. Jerry Lewis in the role of George Fawkes, the star comedian as an overpowering father figure, has the precise answer: “Some people are funny, some people tell funny.” Where ones tell a good joke skillfully, others have funny bones and no other choice than to pay with their body and her very unleashed being for the laughter of the audience. Because, as a further intuition, there is nothing funny, that would not also be terrible.

  • Jerry Lewis
  • Oliver Platt
  • Oliver Reed
  • Lee Evans
  • Leslie Caron
  • Richard Griffiths
  • Sadie Corre
  • Peter Chelsom
  • Peter Flannery
  • Eduardo Serra
  • Glenn Freemantle
  • Martin Walsh
  • John Altman
  • Andrew Munro
  • Lindy Hemming
  • Peter Chelsom
  • Simon Fields
  • Laurie Borg
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35 mm
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