Almayer's Folly
Chantal Akerman
Belgium, France 2011
127 min

Almayer came to Southeast Asia long ago to seek his fortune. He married the adopted Malay daughter of the wealthy Captain Lingard in the hopes of winning an inheritance, but Lingard’s fortune gradually dwindled after a series of ill-advised journeys in search of hidden treasure. Now Almayer is resigned to a meagre existence, running a trading post where no one trades. Nina, his half-Malay daughter, is his sole source of hope and comfort. But Dain, the young man Almayer had enlisted to help him find the lost treasure his father-in-law fruitlessly sought, has eyes for Nina, and threatens to steal her away from this steamy backwater forever. <i>La Folie Almayer</i> is a mature work that comments on the legacy of colonialism while telling a haunting story of greed and desire. And it’s yet more evidence of Akerman’s impressive control of the medium and restless pursuit of vital new images. (Cameron Bailey)

  • Stanislas Merhar - Almayer
  • Aurora Marion - Nina
  • Marc Barbé - Captain Lingard
  • Zac Andrianasolo - Daïn
  • Sakhna Oum - Zahira
  • Solida Chan - Chen
  • Chantal Akerman nach «Almayer’s Folly: A story of an Eastern River» (1895) von Joseph Conrad
  • Rémon Fromont
  • Pierre Mertens
  • Cécile Chagnaud
  • Thomas Gauder
  • Claire Atherton
  • Patrick Dechesne
  • Alain-Pascal Housiaux
  • Catherine Marchand
Artémis Productions, Liaison Cinématographique, Paradise Films

Doc &amp; Film International

35 mm
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