Giacomo Abbruzzese
FRA, I 2011
21 min

I wanted to film in my own city and where I normally am not permitted to go. But by moving away from a documentary approach, I tried to respond to the factory with a form that could compete with it on a visual level. A stormy story that takes on reality and re-invents it. People are playing revolution in Taranto. And, like children, they are taking the game very seriously. (Giacomo Abbruzzese)

In the presence of Giacomo Abbruzzese.

  • Saleh Bakri - Salvo
  • Katia Goulioni
  • Angelo Losasso
  • Julien Anselmino
  • Angelo Cannata
  • Giacomo Abbruzzese
  • Guillaume Brault
  • Nicolas Verhaeghe
  • Alessandro Altavilla
  • Giacomo Abbruzzese
  • Marco Rizzo
Le Fresnoy

La Luna Productions

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