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Filme der Anarchistischen GummiZelle

Anarchistische GummiZelle
BRD 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988

Originating at the Düsseldorf Art Academy in the late 1970’s, anarchist collective and performance group AGZ (The Anarchist GummiZelle) used 8mm in a highly inventive and playful way. AGZ’s founders were all significant (and radical) artists in their own right. AGZ regarded 8mm filmmaking as a tool with which to create as much mayhem and mischief as possible. Their work wasn’t intended to be consumed passively. Screenings were events. As soon as the audience saw the credit, “AGZ shows ...”, it knew to expect something mind-bending, with live soundtracks,” “self-built rockets” and “warm fish sticks” at the very least. The group went quiet in the 1990’s but reunited in 2002. A year later, it received funding from the Filmstiftung NRW to digitise its work from the 1980’s – and this helped a new generation to discover its glories. The often bafing titles of the films and performances give a sense of the subversive intentions of the group. 40 years on, the work still retains the ability to startle and bemuse audiences. (Geofrey Macnab)

All films in OV. Prints Courtesy of Filmmuseum Düsseldorf:
TRAILER, 1981, Anarchistische GummiZelle, 2 Minuten
IM RHENUSHAUS, 1981, Anarchistische GummiZelle, 8 Minuten
AUTOS ROT BLAU GELB, 1982, Bertram Jesdinsky, 3 Minuten
DER PILGERSTROM, 1982, Uli Sappok, 5 Minuten
WO IST KNT, 1983, Otto Müller, 17 Minuten
NACH DEM KRIEG FUHR JOHNNY NACH WIEN, 1983, Stefan Ettlinger, 2 Minuten 
DEUTSCHLANDREISE, 1983, Uli Sappok, 2 Minuten
HOLLYWOOD IN HOCHFELD, 1981, Uli Sappok, 6 Minuten
AN EINEM DONNERSTAG WIE JEDER, 1982, Stefan Ettlinger, 4 Minuten
DEUTSCHLANDREISE 2, 1991, Uli Sappok, 1 Minute
DER SCHWARZE FILM, 1981, Otto Müller, 4 Minuten
DER SONNTAGSSPAZIERGANG, 1982, Bertram Jesdinsky, 2 Minuten
DER NARRATIVE FILM, 1988, Uli Sappok, 4 Minuten

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