Fi rassi rond-point

A Roundabout in My Head
Hassen Ferhani
Algerien, FRA, Katar, Libanon, NL 2015
100 min

The spatial common denominator of FI RASSI ROND-POINT is a slaughterhouse in Algeria, a small theatre of humanity, where drama often hands over to romantic comedy, or even to pure burlesque with a touch of surrealism. By taking the time to really get to know the employees, Hassen Ferhani obtains beautifully deep testimonies. From the two young men who speak only of true love while they butcher cows, to the old sage who has so much to share, FI RASSI ROND-POINT deploys magnificent cinematographic characters, as well as a few classic scenes. Implicitly, the film also draws a fascinating portrait of Algeria today, of its thwarted hopes, its generational conflicts, and it’s at times discouraging blockages – a portrait of Algeria going round and round in circles. (Laurence Reymond)

  • Youcef
  • Hocine
  • Ali Bey
  • Ali et Madame Dalila
  • Halim
  • Sadek
  • Hassen Ferhani
  • Hassen Ferhani
  • Djamel Kerkar
  • Corentin Doucet
  • Myriam Aycaguer
  • Narimane Mari
  • Hassen Ferhani
Allers Retours Films, Centrale Electrique

Pascale Ramonda

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