Bienvenue à Madagascar

Welcome To Madagascar
Franssou Prenant
FRA 2015
102 min

Franssou Prenants parents supported the Algerian Liberation Front (FLN), many years later, in 2000, she moved to Algeria to live there. “The film is not about Algiers but made from images of Algiers, seen during urban adventures peeling back neighbourhoods and recesses. No interviews, no filmed interviews. But voices off, a surplus of words from interviews and conversations, will be edited in fugue or canon, interfering with each other, acting on each other, overlapping, simultaneous meetings of different voices, so we seize the sentences, words, intonations that I want to focus on and be heard, political, memories, ethics and laughter, colonialism and the current morass, in such a way to make music; and these overlapping words, showing the present and resurrecting the past and history, create a movement between then and now.”
(Franssou Prenant)

In the presence of Franssou Prenant

  • Franssou Prenant
  • Franssou Prenant
  • Myriam René
  • Franssou Prenant
  • Olivier Prenant
Vie des Hauts production, Survivance


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