De Palma

Jake Paltrow, Noah Baumbach
USA 2015
107 min

DE PALMA is both literally and metaphorically a whistle-stop guided tour of his filmography in which the legendary director talks non- stop, with one anecdote jump-cut against the next.
Because his career spans six decades, there are plenty of films to go through, so some just get a cursory line while others, like CARRIE, SCARFACE, OBSESSION, DRESSED TO KILL etc, get a little more attention. The insights and reminiscences they yield are pure gold: from De Palma impishly confessing to enjoying all the various CARRIE retreads because you get “to see them make all the mistakes you avoided” to his tale of the weird coincidences that led to him making sidney Lumet’s version of SCARFACE after Lumet snaffled De Palma’s passion project PRINCE OF THE CITY away from him. The doc is packed with so many nuggets of crunchy goodness in terms of behind-the-scenes stories and local color that it’s impossible to do them justice here. (Jessica Kiang)

  • Brian De Palma
  • Jake Paltrow
  • Paul Hsu
  • Matt Mayer
  • Lauren Minnerath
Empire Ward


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