Susan Streitfeld
USA, DEU 1996
114 min

Tilda Swinton imbues this character with an impetuous, high-strung hauteur that is both magnetic and infuriating. Evelyn is intended to symbolize a kind of Everywoman, specifically Every-Superwoman, who is struggling to climb the professional ladder while remaining alluringly \"feminine\". Her \"perversions\" are her attempts to force herself to fit a stereotypical male-defined image of the ideal woman.
Thanks to the mercurial fluency of Tilda Swinton's hot-and-cold performance, Evelyn emerges as much more than a symbolic case study of a powerful woman inwardly tearing herself to pieces. As Evelyn swings from frantically obsessing about her image to dreaming of something more primitive, earthy and androgynous, Tilda Swinton makes every zigzag ring psychologically true. (Stephen Holden)

  • Tilda Swinton - Evelyn Stephens
  • Amy Madigan - Madelyn Stephens
  • Karen Sillas - Renee
  • Frances Fisher - Annunciata
  • Clancy Brown - John
  • Julie Hébert
  • Susan Streitfeld nach dem Roman «Female Perversions: The Tempations of Emma Bovary» von Louise J. Kaplan
  • Teresa Medina
  • Jennifer Myers
  • Curtiss Clayton
  • Leo Trombetta
  • Debbie Wiseman
  • Missy Stewart
  • Angela Billows
Mindy Affrime, Degeto Film, Kinowelt Filmproduktion, Trans Atlantic Entertainment
Lakeshore International LLC 9268 West Third Street Beverly Hills, CA 90210, USA T +1 310 867 8058
Kinowelt Karl-Tauchnitz-Straße 10 04107 Leipzig, Deutschland T +49 341 355 96 0,
35 mm
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