Alexander Sokurov
Russland 2011
134 min

Freshly awarded the Golden Lion at Venice, Sokurov’s latest film is pitched as an allegorical coda to his trilogy of historic tyrants: Here the Faust legend is interpreted as a depressed Everyman’s discovery of life’s meaning through lust for sex and power. As Faust and Mephistopheles walk and talk their way through several shaggy set pieces depicting worldly vanity, the meandering but playful proceedings at times evoke a Medieval Euro art film turned stoner movie. Sokurov’s characteristically jaundiced color palette, distorted anamorphic framing and overdubbed soundtrack add to the films loopiness, though a couple of spellbinding closeups of Faust’s lust object Gretchen ring clear as church bells. Throw in a seduction scene that suggests a zombie-populated porn clip directed by Tarkovsky and you have one of the strangest – and possibly one of the most original – works in the festival. (Kevin B. Lee)

  • Johannes Zeiler - Faust
  • Anton Adasinsky - Mephisto
  • Isolda Dychauk - Gretchen
  • Georg Friedrich - Wagner
  • Hanna Schygulla - die Frau des Geldverleihers
  • Antje Lewald - Gretchens Mutter
  • Florian Brückner - Valentin
  • Maxim Mehmet - Valentins Freund
  • Alexander Sokurov
  • Marina Koreneva
  • Yuri Arabov
  • Bruno Delbonnel
  • Makar Akhpashev
  • Jörg Hauschild
  • Alexander Zlamal
  • Elena Zhukova
  • Lidiya Kryukova
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