Farpões, baldios

Barbs, Wastelands
Marta Mateus
P 2017
25 min

At the end of the 19th century the peasants in Portugal started a courageous struggle for better work conditions. After generations of starving misery, the Carnation Revolution sowed the promise of an Agrarian Reform. Mostly in the Alentejo region, these rural workers occupied the huge properties where they were once submitted to the power of their Masters. The protagonists of this film, resistants of this struggle, many of them illiterate, working since childhood, tell their story to the youngsters of today.

In the presence of Marta Mateus.

  • Marta Mateus
  • Hugo Azevedo
  • Hugo Leitão
  • Olivier Blanc
  • Marta Mateus
  • Maria Clara Madeira
  • Gonçalo Prudêncio
  • Maria Catarina Sapata
  • José Codices

Portugal Film

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