Special Program: They Wanted To See Something Different

Fantastic Voyage

Richard Fleischer
USA 1966
100 min

A Russian scientist who holds information of importance for the U.S. government is the victim of an assassination attempt and lies in coma. Consequently, doctors are shrunk to microbe size together with a submarine and injected into the man’s bloodstream. They are supposed to resolve a blood clot in his brain using a laser gun to save the man’s life. However, as the crew struggle to combat the patient’s defensive immune system, the beautiful Raquel Welch gets threatened by aggressive anti bodies. The huge reproductions of the human heart, lung and brain, in which the actors navigate, make the film a truly exceptional visual experience. “You are going where no man or camera has ever ventured before. When you come out you will never look at yourself the same way again!”

  • Stephen Boyd - Grant
  • Raquel Welch - Cora
  • Edmond O’Brien - General Carter
  • Donald Pleasence - Dr. Michaels
  • Arthur O’Connell - Col. Donald Reid
  • William Redfield - Capt. Bill Owens
  • Arthur Kennedy - Dr. Duval
  • Harry Kleiner
  • David Duncan nach einer Vorlage von Otto Klement und Jay Lewis Bixby
  • Ernest Laszlo
  • David Dockendorf
  • Bernard Freericks
  • William B. Murphy
  • Leonard Rosenman
  • Dale Hennesy
  • J. M. Smith
  • L.B. Abbott
  • Art Cruickshank Emil Korse Jr.
Twentieth Century Fox
Hollywood Classics
35 mm
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