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Terrore nello spazio

Planet of the Vampires
Mario Bava
I, ESP, USA 1965
88 min

A dark gravitational power forces the space ship Argos to land on the fog-shrouded planet Aura, where the crew finds the lost space ship Galliot and its cruelly killed crew. The astronauts realize that Aura is inhabited by disembodied aliens that are obviously determined to zero in on their lives. As far as content and especially form are concerned, Mario Bava’s Italian low-budget production TERRORE NELLO SPAZIO is the secret prototype for Ridley Scott’s ALIEN and, consequently, for his current prequel PROMETHEUS.

  • Barry Sullivan - Mark Markary
  • Norma Bengell - Sanya
  • Angel Aranda - Wess
  • Evi Marandi - Tiona
  • Mario Bava
  • Alberto Bevilacqua
  • Antonio Pérez Olea
  • Antonio Rinaldi
  • Eugenio Fiori
  • Romana Fortini
  • Antonio Gimeno
  • Gino Marinuzzi
  • Emilio Zago
  • Gabriele Mayer
Italian International Film, Castilla Cooperativa Cinematográfica, America-International Pictures (AIP)
Italian International Film
35 mm
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