Danny Williams

FACTORY, OCTOBER 14-25, 1965

Danny Williams
USA 1965
22 min

One of the earliest of Danny Williams's completed films is a montage of scenes shot at Warhol's studio: Warhol and Brigid Berlin take turns talking on the phone; Billy Name is seen in residence at the silver Factory; Genevieve Charbin pounds away on the typewriter - most likely transcribing Warhol's tape-recorded novel, «a: A Novel». There are glimpses of other friends and colleagues such as Gerard Malanga, Chuck Wein, Ondine, and Henry Geldzahler. Also included is some of the footage shot by Williams during the filming of Warhol's 1965 sound film My Hustler Ingrid, a movie in which Williams appears as cameraman, filming away with Warhol's silent Bolex. (Callie Angell)

This film is part of the short film program film:2540]Kurzfilme von Danny Williams[/film].
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  • Andy Warhol
  • Gerard Malanga
  • Billy Name
  • Henry Geldzahler
  • Chuck Wein
  • Danny Williams
  • Danny Williams
Danny Williams

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