A fábrica de nada

The Nothing Factory
Pedro Pinho
P 2017
177 min

The film centres on a lift factory in the Lisbon area, whose owners start sneakily removing the equipment to sell it off, leaving the workforce to fear the worst. Arguments break out among the perplexed, largely male staff, but the workers decide to stay put. Seeing off unwanted visits from suits and police, they find themselves considering the option of running the factory themselves. A FÁBRICA DE NADA is an energetic ensemble piece from documentarist Pinho, making his fiction debut, that echoes certain 1960s-70s French screen examinations of labour issues (Godard’s TOUT VA BIEN being the most celebrated) but it’s very much its own thing. (Jonathan Romney)

  • José Smith Vargas
  • Carla Galvão
  • Njamy Sebastião
  • Joaquim Bichana Martins
  • Daniele Incalcaterra
  • Pedro Pinho
  • Luisa Homem
  • Tiago Hespanha
  • Leonor Noivo
  • Vasco Viana
  • Joao Gazua
  • Cláudia Oliveira
  • Edgar Feldman
  • Luísa Homem
  • José Smith Vargas
  • Pedro Rodrigues
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