Aldo Garay
Uruguay 2002
65 min

Every day, Silvia slaves over a sewing machine in a sweatshop; during the evenings, she
cares for her bedridden mother. The young woman is subdued, waiting for a freedom she feels unable to pursue, while her mother waits for death to bring her a different kind of freedom. The old woman, once vigorous, now frets perpetually and resents fiercely any happiness her daughter might seek outside the home. Their bickering seeps through the thin walls to their long-time neighbor, Modesto, a quietly helpful man who waits for a closure of his own.

  • Verónica Perrotta - Silvia
  • Elena Zuasty - Silvias Mutter
  • Walter Reyno - Modesto
  • Roberto Suárez - Ernesto
  • Sebastián Bednarik
  • Coral Gogoy nach einer Vorlage von Henry Trujillo
  • Diego Varela
  • Alvaro Mechoso
  • Jorge García
  • Carlos Da Silveira
  • Paula Villalba
Austero Producciones Montevideo, Uruguay T 82 70 85 255

Guazù Media Simón Bolivar 13/9 11300 Montevideo, Uruguay T 82 70 79 352

35 mm
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