Miguel Gomes
P 1999
25 min

Parents and teachers have gone away. In the meantime a girl and two boys - Rita, Rui, and Nuno - pass some time together. They watch a rugby match, go to a party, and go to the beach. The three come into the grips of a romantic tension that remains unexpressed because of their inability to communicate.
You use the word «meanwhile» when you want to suspend an action so you can depart to something else. With this film I tried to fix this moment of transition of time and action. And also of adolescence. The idea was born over the clouds, during a flight, while I was looking at the white carpet and listening to Doris Day singing «Que sera, sera». (Miguel Gomes)

This film is screened together with 31 and Rapace.

  • Miguel Gomes
  • Rui Poças
  • Pedro Caldas
O som e a fúria

AGENCIA, Auditorio Municipal Pr. da Republica, 4480-715 Vila do Conde, Portugal T 1 252 64 66 83,

35 mm
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