Yasmine Kassari
Marokko, B 2004
95 min

L Enfant endormi is set in a remote mountainous rural village of Morocco, with little opportunity for the men of the village to earn a livelihood. In a group the male members of the community illegally emigrate to Spain to explore the opportunity that lures them. What happens to the rural women left on their own is the theme of the film. Young Zeinabs husband left the village only one day after their marriage. Her mother, following the rural custom, declared Zeinab pregnant and gave her a talisman to put the child to sleep so it can only be awakened by the husbands permission. This ritual has created confusion in the understanding of the film, especially for an audience not exposed to the existence and practice of rituals in a contemporary society. This particular ritual is one window kept open for the women to face various odds of life in the long absence of their husbands. Zeinabs child was put to sleep in her belly and she continued with her everyday struggle for existence. (Mofidul Hoque)

  • Rachida Brakni - Halima
  • Mounia Osfour - Zeinab
  • Aïssa Abdessamie - Amziane
  • Yasmine Kassari
  • Yorgos Arvanitis
  • Henri Morelle
  • Madone
  • Susana Rossberg
  • Armand Amar
  • Koussan Achod
  • Yasmine Kassari
Les Films de la Drève 7 ruelle de France 4651 Battice, Belgien T 87 78 35 95

Les Films de la Drève 7 ruelle de France 4651 Battice, Belgien T 87 78 35 95,

35 mm
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