Einleitung zu Arnold Schoenbergs Begleitmusik zu einer Lichtspielscene

Danièle Huillet, Jean-Marie Straub
BRD 1972
16 min

This is a small, intense film based on Schoenberg's opus of the same name with the subtitle \"danger, fear, catastrophe\". It deals with emerging fascism and the persecution of Jews, as well as with their historical continuities. There are images of the corpses of the murdered Paris Commune members and American bombers over Vietnam, broken like chasms by blocks of blackouts. It isn't an elegant film, as Gerhard Theuringer commented on the work, and that's why it is so bolstering. It makes you leave the cinema with somewhat more awareness.

Will be screened together with <filmlink id=\"2578\">Trop tôt, trop tard</filmlink>.

  • Jean-Marie Straub
  • Renato Berta
  • Horst Bever
  • Günter Peter Straschek
  • Daniéle Huillet
  • Peter Nestler
  • Jean-Marie Straub
Straub/Huillet im Auftrag des Südwestfunks
Belva Film
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