The Dynamiter

Matthew Gordon
USA 2011
73 min

It’s another summer in Glen Allan, Mississippi, for fourteen-year- old Robbie Hendrick. His wayward Mother has run off again fearing a mental breakdown and he’s left with the responsibility of caring for his younger, half-brother Fess. But he’s as hopeful as ever that his mother will get better and his dream of a family will be realized this year. When his brother Lucas returns home, Robbie can sense the beginnings of a family. The arrival of Lucas, though, drives an unexpected wedge between the once inseparable Robbie and Fess. “THE DYNAMITER is a story of creating hope, something we all have to do every day or else we will have no life to speak of. Robbie Hendrick has the spirit and the character we all seek to find within us: the ability to create hope in a completely hopeless environment.” (Matthew Gordon) 



  • William Ruffin - Robbie Hendrick
  • John Alex Nunnery - Fess Hendrick
  • Joyce Baldwin - Gimmel
  • Patrick Rutherford - Lucas Hendrick
  • Brad Ingelsby
  • Jeffrey Waldron
  • Clarence Davis
  • Kevin Abrams
  • Brandon Boyd
  • Casey Immoor
  • Michael Scherschel
  • Shareen Chehade
Elysium Films, Fairtrade Films

Elysium Films

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