Richard Kelly
USA 2001
111 min

Richard Kellys debut feature, Donnie Darko, is a tale of adolescent angst replete with enigmatic sci-fi underpinnings. Whether Kellys eponymous protagonist is seemingly deranged or merely on the brink of saving humanity from itself, his time-warping fantasies become startling metaphors for confused teenage male development. The endlessly inventive Darko is the virtual antithesis of happy-go-lucky 80s teen flicks, hauntingly gauging the pulse of a nation gripped by sexual repression and political uncertainty. By films end, Kelly has expertly transformed his comfortable 80s milieu into an apocalyptic sweat chamber nervously situated between moral complacency and heartbreaking could-have-been hopefulness. (Ed Gonzalez)

  • Jake Gyllenhaal - Donald «Donnie» Darko
  • Jena Malone - Gretchen Ross
  • Mary McDonnell - Mrs. Rose Darko
  • Drew Barrymore - Ms. Karyn Pomeroy
  • Patrick Swayze - Jim Cunningham
  • Holmes Osborne - Mr. Edward Darko
  • Katharine Ross - Dr. Lillian Thurman
  • Noah Wyle - Prof. Kenneth Monnitoff
  • Beth Grant - Ms. Kitty Farmer
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal - Elizabeth Darko
  • James Duval - Frank/«The Rabbit»
  • Richard Kelly
  • Steven Poster
  • Coleman Metts
  • Sam Bauer
  • Eric Strand
  • Michael Andrews
  • Alexander Hammond
  • April Ferry
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35 mm
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