Amir Naderi
Japan 2011
132 min

Influential Iranian filmmaker Amir Naderi’s internationally funded, Tokyo-set production is not your average slice-of-lifetale. Fiercely unconventional, Cut stole Naderi away from his (semi-)native New York and planted him in the middle of a unique fund ing scheme. The aptly named Tokyo Story, a production outfit consisting of two bank ers with a lot of bright ideas, found a way to dodge big-industry bucks, keeping Cut independent and one hundred per cent real. Using stark black-and-white imagery and a raw, digital aesthetic, Cut tells the story of Shuji, an unknown filmmaker who craves great cinema like a junkie dying for a fix. The only problem, he figures, is that great films are dead – unless he can find a way to make them himself. (Dimitri Eipides)

  • Nishijima Hidetoshi - Shuji
  • Tokiwa Takako - Yoko
  • Sasano Takashi - Hiroshi
  • Sugata Shun - Masaki
  • Denden - Takagaki
  • Suzuki Takuji - Nakamichi
  • Amir Naderi
  • Aoyama Shinji
  • Abou Farman
  • Tazawa Yuichi
  • Hashimoto Keiji
  • Ogawa Takeshi
  • Amir Naderi
  • Isomi Toshihiro
  • Baba Kyoko
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