La creazione di significato

The Creation of Meaning
Simone Rapisarda Casanova
Kanada, I 2014
94 min

LA CREAZIONE DI SIGNIFICATO is set in the Apuan Alps, where German occupying forces massacred hundreds of civilians during WWII, and follows the daily life of Pacifico, a shepherd born in the wake of the war among those same breathtaking landscapes. The film blurs fiction, documentary and anthropology to explore the transient nature of meaning in capturing what Borges calls an ‘Aleph’, an allegorical singularity in space and time where past, present and future overlap and intertwine. 
“We have an ancient and insatiable need to make sense of the world that surrounds us by telling stories, even if we know that these stories are as fleeting as our own lives. My film tells a simple story that is itself both a collection and an echo of other stories. The film’s title reminds us that only when the past, present and future meet can the all-too-human device we presumptuously call ‘meaning’ be created.” (Simone Rapisarda Casanova)

In the presence of Simone Rapisarda Casanova.

  • Pacifico Pieruccioni
  • Alexander Auf der Heyde
  • Benjamin Auf der Heyde
  • Siria Battelli
  • Bartolomeo Puccetti
  • Simone Rapisarda Casanova
  • Simone Rapisarda Casanova
  • Simone Rapisarda Casanova
  • Simone Rapisarda Casanova
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Pascale Ramonda

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